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Brief data on M D C Background and Activities


We are independent Shipbrokers, a traditional family business since 1896, enjoying a prime reputation both at home and abroad - with twelve experienced Brokers and a total staff of 22.

We are Members of the Hamburg Shipbrokers Association, Broker Members of  BIMCO, and Associated Overseas Members of the BALTIC EXCHANGE.

Our three departments cover CHARTERING and S+P for all facets of  DRYCARGO Tonnage:

Our CONTAINER Dept. was formed at the onset of Containerisation in Europe, in 1967. In that very year we contracted and fixed the first cellular tramp Containership in Europe. With our early involvement and knowledge gained in the pioneering years of this new modular transportation, we established a very close contact and interchange with most of the relevant Lines, Operators, Owners, Yards, and Financiers, which is enabling us to conclude a substantial amount of off-market business.

We have by now chartered in/out, and done S+P business with 38 of the top 40 Container Lines, and have concluded a total of over 2500 Container period Charters.

We edit Fixture and S+P Reports for the CONTAINERISATION INTERNATIONAL Magazine and monitor on a daily basis the worldwide availability of Container vessels, about 2500 ships from 36 TEU upto over 5000 TEU capacity. - For parties working closely with us we issue comprehensive monthly fixture reports, give tonnage evaluations, assist in projects, and have at hand all available tonnage open for Charter and Sale.

With the German controlled Container tramp tonnage representing an estimated 65-75 percent of the world tramp fleet, Hamburg has developed into the main turntable for chartering in this market section. Eight experienced and dedicated Brokers are serving our Principals in this department.

Our CONVENTIONAL Dept. has been the base of our Company's broking activities since 1896 and has suecessfully plied through the evolutionary developments from the worldwide chartering of sailing ships and steamers to the sophisticated and specialized tonnage of today.

Backed by the company's longstanding connections to local and foreign Owners, Brokers and Charterers, its team handles any dry commodity from ordinary breakbulk to liner cargo, project cargoes and logs for all sizes of Bulkers, Loggers, Tweendeckers, Multipurpose-Ships and Liners on voyage, contract and timecharter basis. Preference and exclusivity is being given to them by a number of accounts and for some tonnage.

Our S + P Dept. - Throughout the history of the Company this side of the business has been a successful component of our activities. Two S+P Brokers with longstanding experience have recently been enrolled with the aim of serving our customers in a more concentrated manner also in this section.

We assure our Principals and Co-Brokers of a dedicated and conscientious service at all times, and to adhere to the classical straight forward and discrete conduct.



Dieter Ahrens ( MD )

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